Tuesday, September 1, 2009

10 Things I Want To Know

10. Why is that when I say I am a college graduate & working in my desired field that people are shocked? Do I just look like my job is being a baby mama? I gotta step my look up.

9. At what point do women start claiming men as their "man" when they have never had a discussion about being in a relationship?

8. Why is it that all the people who have alledgedly moved to the west coast or NYC are always in Detroit...full time? You have not moved away and we know it.

7. Is stunting so important that you must buy fake merchandise to impress people who can't afford the stuff anyway?

6. Why do men withhold the fact that they have children? I don't know about most broads but Family is number one on my list of priorities when it comes to selecting a mate, if you fail to mention or discuss the importance early...I don't want cha. Read "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man".

5. Is it me or has ever since Danger Smashed The Homie has every man been on a conquest to smash one of your homies? Imma about to start smashing homies too forget it.

4. If I didn't want to holla ten years ago (when I was young and impressionable) why would I want to holla when I am grown and well seasoned? think about it loser.

3. Why do people try and make out what they are doing as being so grandeur and it really is quit minimal? For example folks say: I own a Marketing and Events Planning company and we do events all over the country with the hottest celebs. This translates to: I do parties in a small city and sometimes my friend who is boning this dude that plays for the Lions comes through. I also go party outta town and act like its my event. DOUCHE BAG.

2. Is twitter real life? How is it that my 140 characters ruins lives and crushing self esteem?

1. How much money does it cost to get people out of your lives for good? I have some folks I don't wanna be bothered with anymore.

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