Thursday, September 24, 2009

Whose the Real Hater

#phrasesihate was a trending topic today on twitter, and I began to think about how much I HATE the way people use the term "HATERS" Now, by definition "hater" just means "one who hates". But, of course over time negros decide that it has a more complex definition which is as follows: "One who hates; One who expresses unfounded or inappropriate hatred or dislike, particularly if motivated by jealousy" . What I find funny about this is when i hear most people refer to the alleged haters, their shit is often FOUNDED and APPROPRIATE and totally uninspired by JEALOUSY.

For example: You've fucked every athlete & entertainer that has stepped in to the city, so we call you a GROUPIE, you call us "haters". >>>but isn't this a fact? I much rather be labeled a groupie than just a WHORE, at least it sounds ambitious.

You boast about a lifestyle that you are not living, by any means and we say your a liar.>>is that hating? or just making an observation based on facts?

You are having a sexual relationship with someone and you post pictures all over the web for everyone to see and the sex partner finds out about it, are the people that told the person a Jealous hater, or are you the hater because you put their business out in the street?

You get where I am going with this, right? To me hating is the anger or the weak. A hater can only hate on what they can't have or with someone they can't compete with. So when people say "your a hater" or "your hating is making me famous" I really want folks to take a second and think if they actually having something going that is worthy of hate. I mean who really would be jealous of someone who really when you think about it has nothing? So what you gave R. Kelly some head, or fucked Ocho Cinco or in the fairtale world which is your head you are jetsetting and living a glamourous life? I mean the only thing that could bring any hate up out of me is someone hurting me or my family, and sometimes it is what you folks that have so many "haters" are doing.
So, instead of stepping your "pussy up" (in the remarkable words of Trina) how about you work on making yourself a more productive citizen, and take a look at the pic above, and you decide who the real hater is. Thank You and Your Welcome

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  1. my feeling hurt FOR these bitches. omg! i cant even close my mouth! lol #Jaw Dropping