Friday, August 7, 2009

What is He Stoopid?

What is it about playing with balls for massive stacks that makes a man lose all good sense, values and morals?

In the wake of the Steve McNair murder, many ballers are supposedly getting their behavior in check because "bitches are crazy out here", but I've been wondering for the longest "dude why don't you think you are crazy?"
Just think about it. How is it that the amount of money you have in your pocket or the number of times your face shows up on ESPN enables you to strip yourself of all good judgement and behave as if you were someone who was sheltered from or had limited interaction with real life? defines Social retardation as: when someone lacks the social skills that normal people developed in high school. They missed out on normal socialization because they were outcasts, more than likely because they were physically unattractive, but that is not always the case. Attractive people can be affected by this when they are only liked BECAUSE of their looks and nothing else. Usually occurs in males. Excessive internet use is also a dominant cause.
Now after reading that definition, you can clearly see that most athletes fit into "attractive catergory" not because of their looks but more because their pockets or lifestyle is attractive. Just look at Terrell Owens, that dude has the personality of a door knob but still for some reason he can keep a fresh pussy at his door step. At first glance to most men and some women, hey this type of lifestyle or behavior may sound like something you could see yourself falling into. The fact that these men lose the ability to have normal social interaction with almost everyone, including the people who were there before the game, shows clearly that there is something about being a man that plays with balls that skews their perspective on life.
Drug addiction and prostitution are considered to be "urban social problems" that arise because of class issues, but what is it when someone's pockets are of the elite class and their behavior is of the gutter? You end up with this socially retarded fool with hella babies, with hella women, making it rain in the club and stepping out on his wife to fuck with a young ass other who eventually blow his brains out because she thought this was her come up. Its unfortunate, but the reality is that these athletes need to realize you are no King Kong. The world doesn't revolve around you because bitches will do anything for a dollar its a reccession. So, instead of focusing on your "stuntastics" how about focusing on being a whole man. A man that sees that for every action there is an equal or greater reaction, you can't sell bitches a dream and give them the bullshit. You can't do whatever you want and think that there is no recorse. Its just not realistic. And no matter how many bitches eat your ass or buy their own plan ticket to come see you, you gotta realize no matter what everyone has ulterior motives. There aren't too many people nowadays that do thinks for the greater good or to just be nice...if someone tells you that they are PHONY. Protect your family and most importantly protect yourself, you are all you've got.

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