Sunday, August 9, 2009

This Bitch is Crazy

It is pure comedy to me when I hear men saying "This bitch is crazy". Now I will admit that I have had my run ins with the just run of the mill cuuks/crazo/delusional stalker broad, but I can say the 9 times out of ten even those women have been lead on or sold a dream in some kind of way for them to believe that they are in the "wifey" category.
With that said I am going to talk about the 30% rule.
I had an enlightening 5 hour conversation with a former significant other about his women trouble and why he seems to attract all the women that go HAM. We'll call him, Mr. Congeniality. Mr. Congeniality has than winning personality that has the bitches swooning. Not only that in a dusty ass city that we call Detroit, he would be considered one of the biggest bosses that we've seen ...thus or as of lately. In laymen's terms dudes a celeb and pockets are stacked. Because he is so likeable and doesn't want word to get on the street that his dick game ain't right, he has fallen into to the bad habit of giving bitches his best, despite his general disinterest in being in a serious relationship with anyone.

Here are a few examples of giving people the wrong idea:
  • Giving your best sex (oral or otherwise) i.e. turning people out
  • Financing any expense. The whole "it ain't trickin if you got it" mentality it is tricking and broads think you like them for it especially those with a impaired mental capacity.
  • Letting people stay overnight.
  • Posing for pictures at the club. I know it shouldn't be taking this far, but this is how broads start cyber beefs. All they want is that one shot to use on a blog or myspace or FB to prove their significance.
  • Having random women/men around your kids.
  • calling or texting everyday or throughout the day.

I know some of this may seem outlandish, but you have to realized all these these things combine contribution to someone poppin off on you because they thought you were kicking it.

If you are only wanting to have a jumpoff why are you doing things that are reserved for someone you are in a relationship with? Oh I know why, you the crazy bitch that likes the drama.

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